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Web Hosting Clarified

Web hosting is a kind of online service that enables persons and companies to render their sites available online. Hosting providers are companies that offer hard drive space on a web hosting server placed in a data center and ensure uninterrupted service uptime.

Where do you begin?

The Internet is a vital element in everybody's everyday life. It gives you the option to gain some cash on the side, but can also be a chief source of revenue. In order to put ads on your web page or to promote a product that you sell, you invariably require a hosting service, which will make sure that your website is safe and always up and running. But how do you find one that is reasonably priced and yet stable enough?

The shared web hosting solution

The solution hosting distributors have come up with is named shared web hosting. With the shared web hosting solution, multiple hosting account owners are accommodated on the same web hosting server. There are severe limitations on the system resources that each web hosting account can actually use, thus making certain that they do not meddle with each other. The shared solution offers acceptable performance and costs less than, let's say, a dedicated hosting web server, which is used by only one user. The shared hosting solution enables web hosting corporations to offer their customers reasonable prices. It typically comes with easy-to-use hosting Control Panel software, as is the case with the server that we at provide, and allows everyone to administer their web pages without bothering about server setup and maintenance procedures, which are entirely taken care of by the hosting solutions provider.

VPS web hosting

With the VPS web hosting solution, on the other hand, you share a physical server with other virtual web server hosting account holders, but you are allocated a dedicated share of the system resources. The virtual web server solution is the middle ground between the much more affordable shared hosting solution and the more high-priced dedicated hosting web server solution, and is a perfect solution for anyone who would like to make, for example, an audio or video streaming website or a social networking website. The circumstance that you need to cope with the web server configuration settings and software updates yourself is somewhat of a weakness, but this could also be a huge upside if you really need to make certain server configuration modifications - something that would be unthinkable on a shared hosting web server.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are in the majority of cases much more expensive than shared hosting or private virtual server hosting solutions. You might wonder why would anyone want to use a dedicated server then? The explanation is pretty simple. If your corporation has a intense-traffic website, or just has very specific server architecture and security requirements, the most logical option would be a dedicated web hosting server that you or your server administrators can manage directly. For somebody who is ready to invest in safety and reliability, the greater price is not an issue. You acquire root access and can utilize 100% of the dedicated hosting web server's resources without anyone else availing of these system resources and meddling with your web pages.