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Reseller Hosting Explanation

A reseller hosting service is an opportunity for the user to make money on the web by reselling the web hosting space by a given hosting provider. Most commonly, the web hosting suppliers provide private label reseller hosting , which means that the resellers resell the web hosting solutions on behalf of their own brand name. How it is all made possible and what the kinds of reseller hosting plans are, you will learn in this story.

How does reseller hosting operate and what are the separate reseller hosting varieties?

The manner in which reseller hosting works depends on the policy of the web hosting provider, which provides the hosting service. The most widely used kind of account is the cPanel/WHM one. With it, you the disk space, which your reseller account offers, your utilizing the Web Host Manager . With it, you may set up separate and cPanel web hosting for your customers. With such a program, the reseller deal with the and provision. However, this too is dependent on the approach of the hosting vendor. Another variety of reseller hosting program is the Free Reseller Program courtesy of ResellersPanel.com. With it, you determine your very own retail prices for the provided hosting solutions, and for every sale that you accomplish, the chaps from ResellersPanel.com will provide you with a commission, which is in fact the difference between the retail and the wholesale prices. With this reseller hosting program, ResellersPanel.com provides technical support to the end clients, which may be very convenient if you do not want to be fully engrossed in the reseller hosting business. Sure enough, there might be various variants, but in most occasions, you pay a monthly tax for a certain server storage space, which you have to divide between your clients.

What sorts of web hosting solutions can be sold via a reseller hosting account?

The regular reseller hosting solution solely permits the resellers to sell shared web hosting accounts. That's only because the majority of reseller hosting accounts are actually shared hosting accounts, which contain more features. Just like with a shared hosting web server, the majority of hosts providing a cPanel/WHM reseller program have numerous reseller hosting accounts using one and the same web server. That is the reason why, the resellers are not furnished with complete root access to the web server configuration files, which indicates that the sole web hosting solution that they may provide are shared hosting accounts. This, however, relates only to the cPanel/WHM-driven reseller hosting services and again, it depends on the approach that the web hosting supplier has adopted toward these services. If the reseller has a bigger budget, he can provide various solutions like VPS web hosting or dedicated web hosting under his own private brand name and make more customers interested in the solutions that he is offering. Of course, it will imply that the reseller will have to cope with the client support provision, as no web hosting provider will wish to offer technical support to the end users of such a web hosting service. Another way to offer more than just conventional shared packages is to sign up with the already mentioned Free Reseller Program, which ResellersPanel.com has set up. With it, the resellers are able to sell VPS web hosting, semi-dedicated web hosting and dedicated web hosting, together with shared accounts, without having to purchase any of the hosting services in advance. It is the easiest and most risk-free way to resell hosting solutions on the web, because it involves no upfront taxes and you don't need to be technically competent, as you won't become caught up in providing client and billing support. Depending on the hosting vendor's tactic, there might be other supplementary web hosting services, which the hosting reseller may provide, such as domain registrations, SSL certificates, domain Whois privacy protection services, and so on. That is why, prior to subscribing for anything, one should first check what exactly the reseller hosting account of the given web hosting distributor is offering.

"Which web hosting vendor should I go with?"

There is quite an easy reply to that question. When selecting a website hosting plan, it's always better to settle on an established hosting solutions provider, which has been doing business for a few years, and which distributes website hosting plans around the world. Such web hosting suppliers can be easily recognized by the manner in which they are delivering their hosting plans. An established web hosting services provider will not merely provide carefully balanced hosting and reseller hosting solutions, but it will also offer features that are only theirs and that set them apart from all the other hosting firms. For example, ResellersPanel.com has not only set up a unique reseller hosting program where you don't need to pay so as to resell their hosting services, but ResellersPanel.com has also built its very own personal website hosting CP. The quality of the staff that works for a certain hosting company is very crucial and exerts a big effect on the quality of the services that are being supplied, while custom-built functionalities signify that the web hosting firm has able, experienced web developers. The quality of the web hosting service makes a difference when you're signing up for a reseller hosting account. It's much easier to relocate one site than to transfer several user accounts, if you ever deem it necessary to change the reseller hosting provider. Hence, one should pick warily prior to placing their confidence in a certain web hosting company.